Biofireplace UNIFLAM 90x40cm Inox ref. BIO-90x40-I

Biofireplace UNIFLAM 90x40cm Inox ref. BIO-90x40-I

Biofireplace UNIFLAM 90x40cm BOX Inox ref. BIO-90x40-BOX-I

Biofireplace UNIFLAM 90x40cm BOX Inox ref. BIO-90x40-BOX-I
€160.74 €130.68
ref. BIO-90x40-BOX-I

Biofireplaces Uniflam is a perfect solution for small houses and apartments in which the possibility to install a traditional fireplace is limited. Biofireplaces are significantly smaller which makes them ideal for interior design. This advantage is well recognized by the end user as well as architects and interior designers

A living room with a biofireplace is cosy and speciaj atmosphere and warmth provided by a biofireplace gives a feeling of comfort. These appliances do not require a chimney installation thanks to which they can be used in any place at Your home. The construction of our biofireplaces ensures an easy and quick installation. The broad range of sizes and colors allows to match them with any interior design. Biofireplaces are convenient and safe in their day-to-day use. Our offer also includes ecological bioethanol fuel for biofireplaces

Biofireplaces Uniflam have been designed with a particular care for details and finish. Each model has a special installation system which ensures an unhampered air flow between the biofireplace and the wall as well as an effective heat exchange. Each Uniflam biofireplace is available with a double-walled bioethanol insert which increases the safety and comfort of use. The special insert made of an absorptive, fire-proof material which prevents from accidental spillage of the fuel. Uniflam biofireplaces are available in a build-in and on-wall version (BOX).

In our offer We also have safe and ecological fuel for biofireplaces. The bottle with bioethanol has a safety cap preventing from accidental opening by children and a special dispenser which makes the filling up of the insert easier.

More Information
width 506 mm
height 402 mm
depth 150 mm
color inox
Biofireplace type hanging
Insert volume 0,8 l
fuel Bioethanol fuel
made in Poland
weight [kg] 11.0000
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