Stove INVICTA MESNIL anthracite ref. 6136-44

Stove INVICTA MESNIL anthracite ref. 6136-44

Stove INVICTA MAIRY anthracite ref. 6145-44

Stove INVICTA MAIRY anthracite ref. 6145-44

Insert UNIFLAM 720 PRESTIGE with clap, air supply ref. 607-834

Insert UNIFLAM 720 PRESTIGE with clap, air supply ref. 607-834
€847.47 €689.00

Cast-iron Insert
- nominal power: 10 kW
- efficiency: 77,87%
- average CO emission: 0,271%
- average temperature of the combustion gases: 218 °C
- max. length of wood logs: 50 cm
- outlet of the combustion gases diameter: 180 mm
- weight: 105 kg

- clap
- direct air supply from outside
- air supply regulation
- vitroceramic windowpane decorated with black trimming
- deflector
- ashbox
- fire grate
- fuel: wooden logs
- 5 year guarantee
- compliant with the norm EN 13229
- certificate CE
- made in: Poland

The insert is equipped with a an outside air supply system due to a special moulder mounted (comes with the insert). There is a option to connect a rectangular 150x50 mm ventilation duct or a ventilation pipe with a diameter of 100mm.

Advantages of the Uniflam Prestige fireplace insert

Direct air supply from outside
The insert has been equipped with a direct air supply system from outside. The air can be supplied via a Ø100mm flex duct or a rectangular channel of 150x50mm.

The clap allows to adjust the chimney draft and control the chimney burning rate. The is placed in the upper part of the insert’s facade.

Air supply adjustment
The amount of the air supplied to the combustion process is controlled by the knob placed in the bottom part of the facade. The air is taken from a direct air intake and supplied under the firegrate as well as directly on the fireplace windowpane creating an air curtain which prevents excessive windowpane soiling.

Easy use
Spacious, slide-out ashtray, cast iron grate and efficient air curtain system make the exploitation and maintenance of such a fireplace insert easy and time-saving.

Wide view of burning wood
Modern, steel facade and large glasspane with black decoration provide an ideal vision of fire. The handle and knob made of stainless steel complete the whole design of the modern Unfilam Prestige insert.

More Information
nominal power 10 kW
efficiency 77,87%
avg. CO emission 0,271%
avg. fumes temperature 218 °C
diameter of the fume nozzle 180 mm
max. length of wooden logs 50 cm
made in Poland
weight [kg] 105.0000
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